What to do if the temperature is kept at 37 C

The popular 36.6 C is not a measure of health, but simply the arithmetic mean of normal temperature. For an adult, the lower limit of the norm is 36.1, the upper – 37.2 C. if when measuring under the armpit the thermometer shows you a number within these limits, chances are you are in perfect order. Oral, rectal or ear temperature may be higher.

Here, however, there is an important nuance. It’s one thing if the temperature is around 37 C is familiar to you. And quite another, if you usually have 36.6, and in the last few days (or even weeks) the thermometer shows 37 C or more.

A temperature that is slightly above your personal norm, but does not reach 37.2 C and does not fall for a long time, is called subfebrile. The reasons for it are both completely innocent and dangerous. Let’s start with the first.

When the temperature of 37 C is safe

The thermometer can consistently show values slightly above 37 C if you measure the temperature in the following situations:

In the middle of the menstrual cycle (for women)

An increase in temperature by 0.5-1 C is one of the key signs of ovulation. This is normal.

Immediately after training

Exercise increases blood circulation and warms the body. Even after properly sweating and taking a shower, we do not cool down immediately. The body needs about an hour to return to normal temperatures.

After a walk in hot weather

In this case, overheating is likely. Again, you need to give your body time to cool down.

In the evening

The body temperature floats during the day: it is minimal in the morning, and by about 18:00 it reaches a peak, which is usually 0.2-0.5 C higher than in the morning.

When you are worried, you have stress

Due to the emotional state, the temperature can also rise. There is even a special term for this phenomenon – psychogenic temperature. When you calm down, it will subside.

If you start taking new medications

Some drugs at the beginning of reception can cause insignificant increase in temperature. This condition is called drug fever. As a rule, subfebrile temperature in this case passes in 7-10 days or immediately after drug withdrawal.

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