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Hi, I am Sara.

I am a member of anonymous alcoholics program and in this blog we discuss alcoholism and how it actually influences our health and well-being.
As I treat this disease for more than 10 years I have a lot of information to be shared. Here you will find information how to distinguish between bad habit and alcoholism, what symptoms should be treated as serious, when a person needs help of a specialist and many others.

In this blog we plan to organize on-line discussions with participation of Alcohol Abuse Psychologists, Alcohol Abuse Therapists and Alcohol Abuse Counselors. You will have an opportunity to ask your questions directly to specialists.

Also I will share with you results of latest studies in mentioned topic, ways of this disease treatment including statistics information about death threat caused by drinking alcohol of low quality.

Subscribe, invite your friends and relatives to subscribe and all together we will look for the best solution of fighting this serious disease.